John Delacourt

"Is the past still past if it exists on video? In a culture obsessed with recording itself, skeletons that once disappeared into the closet can re-emerge decades later to bring anyone’s mistakes into the hard light of judgment. The wrong snippet of footage, seen by the wrong person, can come to define a life. What this means for memory and for revenge are questions the novelist John Delacourt explores in his intricate third novel, Butterfly. " - The Globe and Mail 

The astonishing thing about Butterfly is the way Mr. Delacourt has chosen to tell the story ... Like a composer, Mr. Delacourt has written all the parts, and it works wonderfully, turning a story of a botched robbery into a nightmare of consequences for those on both sides of the law,. Recommended as an exceptional literary crime-suspense novel. - The Miramichi Reader

"Butterfly is a taut, tight, and tense masterpiece. In this finely-cut jewel of a novel, John Delacourt's crystalline prose drives the heart-stopping story at just the perfect pace, leaving you no choice but to keep on turning the pages until you know, and feel, everything. A deeply satisfying read from a very talented writer."--Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour

"In Butterfly, Delacourt demonstrates maturity as a fiction writer, crafting a novel that strikes a judicious balance between art and readership. It will assuredly be widely acclaimed." - Ottawa Review of Books

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